Earn extra income, get more exposure and still have time to manage your farm

Our first priority is to make your life easier. 

We'll set up your booking listing for you, have it ready to go in 5 business days and dedicate a support Scout to your farm that's available for 1:1 calls.

Dedicated support

We get the importance of telling your authentic story.


We offer 4 different fee splits for you to choose from: *

  1.  3% Steward & 12% Guest
  2.  7.5% Steward & 7.5% Guest
  3.  12% Steward & 3% Guest
  4.  15% Steward & 0% Guest

*All bookings have a 2.9% + $0.30 credit card processing fee that's passed on to the guest.

Each booking payout will process within 24 hours of the guest's check-in to their confirmed stay or activity. 

We feature a collection of farm stays and other nature rich properties that have a connection to their local community, practice environmental responsibility, and exhibit hospitality that's reflective of this commitment. We share their stories on our site, through our marketing and our social media. And we're continuing to build a growing list of travelers that want to experience exactly what they offer.

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More flexible fees

We offer a 15% total service fee structure that allows you to customize how you want to split the guest fee and host (Steward) fee. See more below.

Founded and advised by farmers

The idea of Yonder originated from permaculture farmer Tim Southwell, and we're advised by Farm Stay USA Executive Director, Scottie Jones.

Much more than hosts

We call our hosts "Yonder Stewards". Why? We know the value they offer guests surpasses just a place to crash. Stewards offer connection to land, food, animals and nature enrichment - they're the backbone of Yonder.

Listings that highlight your unique story

We want to showcase what you've worked hard to achieve and maintain. Yonder listings go beyond featuring accommodations and highlight experiences before amenities.


Submit your application

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You will be invited to set up your Yonder Steward Account. Create your profile, add the necessary information for payments.

Review the draft

Your Steward Advocate sets up your listing(s) and sends you an email for final review (within 3-5 business days).

Approve your listing

Work with your Steward Advocate to finalize your listing(s) to go Live on Yonder. You’re ready for bookings!

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